Men’s singles

Saturday, 15.04.2023
Round Robin

To the oche: 10:00 o’clock
Entry fee: 32 EUR
Closing date:07.04.2023
On-site-registration:42 EUR, on tournament day between 09:00 and 09:30 o’clock
Playing format: 501, best of 5, Round Robin
al players will qualify for Sunday’s KO-Tournaments

Sunday, 16.04.2023

To the oche: 10:00 o’clock
Playing format: 501, best of 5, Single-KO
Gold, Silver and Bronze depending on Saturday’s group position


12.500 EUR250 EUR125 EUR
21.000 EUR125 EUR75 EUR
3500 EUR75 EUR40 EUR
5250 EUR40 EUR
9125 EUR
1775 EUR