Conditions of participation_2020

  • Random drug testing could occur in any event as required by WADA.
  • Every player must be able to provide proof of identity (official document with photograph) upon request.
  • We will be doing an alcohol control at the youth tournaments.
  • At the venue smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • The consumption of own food and beverages is prohibited.
  • Obviously drunk spectators (and players) have no access to the venue.
  • The Singles events are open only to all players who are eligible to play in the Winmau World Masters and the Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships.
  • In all competitions (except friday’s pairs), all players must wear long, neutral cloth trousers (ladies can also wear skirts). Jogging pants are not allowed. Jeans trousers are not allowed in the final stage games!
  • Times for the first match and starting lists (full name and country) will be issued on the internet, there will be no postal service!
  • Eligible to participate in the youth competitions is everybody who is younger than 18 years of age.
  • Youth players are allowed on Saturday to play only ONE competition, youth OR adults!
  • The transmission of games via live stream on the Internet or social media is possible!
  • The third places in the senior and youth competitions will be honoured on stage before the finals and are obligatory for the placed athletes.
  • We guarantee to use the personal data transmitted to us exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the event. This also includes the publication of names and country of origin on the Internet, in social and print media.
    Photos and videos taken during the event as well as game results will be published on the internet and in the social and print media. By registering, participants accept these conditions.
  • During the tournament, photos and videos of all matches, players and visitors can be made for promotional purposes. Participants and spectators commit themselves to this by means of registration or just entering the venue. From the first round to the final, players are obliged to play matches that can be recorded (live) for live stream or television. Giving up a match or deliberately losing a match is not possible and in violation of these regulations. If this is neglected, the Organizer (1. DSC Bochum 1982 e.V.) will hold these players responsible for the (financial) consequences and he or she loses the right to receive a trophy and/or prize-money.