Dear dartfriends!

The 32nd edition of the BULL’S German Open will take place from 17-19 April 2020.

After the great success and the positive reviews ub the last two years, the 2020 edition will also take place in the Wunderland Kalkar.
Information about Wunderland Kalkar can be found under “Venue & Accommodations“. First of all, the entrance to the playing venue is free for everyone!
The prize money is guaranteed 23.500 EUR.
Closing date for ALL competitions (except additional competitions and G-Darts tournaments on Saturday and Sunday) is 06.04.2020.

The program for the events will be the following:

Friday 17.04.20: Warm-up Pairs Tournament

Saturday 18.04.20: BULL’S German Open (WDF/BDO/DDV)
– Mens Singles (WDF “Gold”/BDO “A”)
– Ladies Singles (WDF “Gold”/BDO “B”)
– Boys Singles (WDF/DDV)
– Girls Singles (WDF/DDV)
– G-Darts tournament (for players with disabilities)
– Additional Tournament: Doubles/Pairs

Sunday 19.04.20: BULL’S Darts Masters (WDF/BDO/DDV)
– Mens Singles (WDF “Silver”/BDO “A”)
– Ladies Singles (WDF “Silver”/BDO “B”)
– G-Darts tournament (for players with disabilities)
– Additional Tournament: Mixed Singles

Please notice:
In the senior competitions on Saturday and Sunday the WINNER writes in the early stages!!

The complete event is an “OPEN” tournament, therefore players don’t have to be a member in a club or an organisation or have to qualify!

Please also note the “Rules“!

Even though we have changes in the schedule, we will be endeavoured to stick to the timings for the finals like the past years, so that the finals on Saturday should be finished by 10pm and the Sunday final by 7pm.

In the past, year by year almost all top-players from Europe found their way to biggest german dartstournament to fight for the title – to the delight of the many hobbyplayers who love the close contact to their idols.
Shoulder by shoulder with the stars, no VIP-area, no bodyguards, no barriers.
Time for pictures, autographs or short discussions. This is what makes this event special.

We’ll see you all at the 32. BULL’S German Open and the BULL’S Darts Masters at the Wunderland Kalkar and wish every participant good luck and fun!